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Welcome to Rowing One, your #1 source for boating needs.  We are here to help you find all the best watercraft gear, provide insightful tips, and offer expert reviews so you can get the most out of your watercraft.  Whether you are a paddling whitewater river guide, rowing with a crew, or canoeing your local trout pond, we are here to share our knowledge and experience on the water.  Our expert reviews dig deep into the details of what makes watercraft and boating gear perform to the highest of levels. Regardless of your boating preferences, we can help you make a well-informed and enjoyable purchase.



If you are looking for a great time on the water, you will have a hard time finding a more entertaining and enjoyable pastime than boating. Whether you want to take leisurely boat rides with your family and friends, or enjoy traveling the coastline and exploring new destinations, marine coolers are excellent for keeping supplies cold.

Nighttime swimming and fishing can be a lot of fun as well, and installing an arrangement of underwater boat lights can add a sophisticated look to your boat while providing useable light for parties and activities.

Summertime boating has always had close ties to watersports. Waterskiing is a classic summer pastime and there is no denying the important role that your boat has to play. Aside from a good set of water skis, you’ll also need a high quality tow rope with a good grip handle and durability. A good pair of water skiing gloves are also important to protect your hands and avoid blisters.

Nothing says thrilling excitement like a good day of pulling towable tubes in the summer sun. Kids absolutely love tubing, and it doesn’t get much more intense than swinging through the wake and the waves wondering when you might get ejected, and land in a burst of bubbling water. Adding a marine subwoofer to you boat audio system can make a good day into a great day!

If you are looking for something new, getting your boat set up for wakesurfing is easier than you might think.  Of course, you’ll fist need a wakesurfing board.  And to get those really nice curling waves behind your boat, adding a wake shaper is an easy way to inject a lot of fun into a day of watersports.

One of the other popular modern iterations of watersports is wakeboarding. Whether you want to catch air on the wake, or just trade all the cold weather of snowboarding, for the water and hot sun, wakeboarding is one of the best boating watersports of today.

When the time comes to pull your boat out of the water, using a reliable boat wax and boat cover system is vital in maintaining your boat’s appearance and value for the foreseeable future. Maneuvering your boat into storage can also prove challenging, and a boat trailer dolly can make precise movements a breeze.



The grace and dignity of sailing has a deep running historical reputation that stretched back to ancient times. Though less avant-garde than today’s technologically advanced sailboats, the sailboats of old remain iconic in their innovation and beauty.

Launching a sailboat is a demanding task, and a reliable electric boat winch can help you enjoy your investment more regularly.  Starting your sailing adventure with safety in mind is important.  Having a reliable VHF marine radio and a boat safety kit on board is always a smart move. Establishing a safe boat can help set your mind at ease when you have friends and family out for a day on the water.

Dropping anchor near the beach with an electric boat anchor winch is very convenient.  And at mooring near the marina, there is no getting around the appeal of gathering with friends on your boat. Hosting parties and serving refreshments go hand-in-hand, and a reliable inflatable dinghy can make ferrying visitors out to your boat very simple. Serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on a rail mounted cocktail table is a helpful platform that can easily store away after guests have gone. Much like fillet tables, many of these great serving tables mount directly to boat rails for a solid platform for your food and drinks.

If you have any experience with sailing then you know boat maintenance is very important. Getting your boat out of the water and cleaning up the hull is vital and there’s not better time to break out the boat polisher and restore the shine and luster to your boat. On board, replacing worn boat deck chairs and marine carpeting will ensure your boat retains it’s appeal for years to come.

As solar panels for boats become more and more affordable, providing for your electrical power needs at sea has never been easier than it is today.  Nourishment is important during long stretches at sea and since food and refreshments need to stay cold, a refrigerator for sailing is a really helpful item. Helm mats are ideal for providing additional grip for heavy items like boat coolers, as well as provide comfortable footing during prolonged periods of standing.

Jumping in and enjoying some snorkeling or scuba diving from your sailboat is almost a requirement.  Adding an underwater scooter or your sub-surface exploring can step up the entertainment level, and many divers and snorkelers find the addition of a speargun a welcome additon.  And lets just say it, if you’re sailing then you need a styling pair of boat shoes.



Blasting through walls of whitewater on a thrilling river rafting trip is a memorable experience that you will not soon forget, but there are so many other types of rafts that are equally effective and practical for a huge variety of boating needs.

One of the most popular examples would be an inflatable whitewater kayak. Meeting at the perfect crossroads between portability and performance, whitewater kayaks are nimble watercraft that are made to withstand the rigors of the rapids.

Whitewater rivers are often known for great fishing and whitewater rafts are quickly transformed into effective fly fishing rafts with the additional of a fishing frame or rowing frame. A rowing frame allows one river guide to have much greater control and maneuverability while carrying heavier loads solo.  And in the off season you can keep your strength at it’s peak with a quality rowing machine.

Inflatable fishing boats are generally outfitted with a ton of helpful fishing-friendly features like rod holders as well as mounts for trolling motors and fish finders. Where a solid bodied boat might be difficult to transport and store, boats like inflatable pontoon boats can be deflated into a compact package. If you like the serene settings of a remote fishery then a fishing float tube is a super mobile little raft that can provide access for hike-in fishing in your secret spots.

If you are looking for a proven raft design that is ready for ocean and for use around the marina, an inflatable dinghy is a super popular inflatable raft that can accept an electric or gas powered motor, as well as oar locks when a motor in not needed.



If you are looking for one of the most enjoyable personal watercraft available today, look no further than a kayak. Kayaking is incredibly popular as a leisure activity as well as for getting great exercise while enjoying the outdoors. Kayak designers have really reinvented the kayak over the last 20 years to produce a new vein of kayaks that have widespread application in a broad number of boating funtions.

Contrary to the classic image of kayaks primarily designed for leisurely use, some of the most popular models today are fishing kayaks. Some kayaks for fishing are large and robust enough for use in the ocean surf, and stable enough for some users to stand up while fishing and casting. A pedal powered kayak can provide all the great features of the best kayak models while also allowing for hands free operation. And if storage or transportation is a concern, an inflatable fishing kayak can make a day of fishing highly mobile and versatile.

Another highly portable boating option is a tandem kayak, which is great for spending time with friend or family members. Many of these boats are now designed with mounts and platforms for accessories like fish finders, boat coolers, and extra rod holders.  And if you like inflatable boats, we also suggest taking a look at inflatable stand up paddle boards. If you like fishing while standing, a fishing paddle board can take your next outing to the next level.

Like many other boats, kayaks also have their own special variety of accessories and add-ons that make their use, storage, and transportation easier. For hard molded kayaks, installing a kayak roof rack will make transporting your kayak much easier. If you are concerned with rough water, or overturning your kayak, a set of kayak outriggers and stabilizers can prevent undesirable accidents. If you love kayak fishing, looking over some kayak fish finder reviews before you make a purchase is a smart way to invest your cash.

Kayaks are also not necessarily limited to being solo boats either. Tandem kayaks can provide a lot of fun on the water for you and a paddling partner.

Many modern kayak designs are also very capable of being fitted with a motor mount, and accordingly trolling motors for kayaks have become a very popular accessory.  They’re a a great addition if you have a lot of water to cover in your kayak, and selecting a reliable trolling motor battery will help you to the best long-term performance out of your trolling motor.


There as many uses for boats and accessories for watercraft as there are people on our water-covered planet, which is why boats are used in such a huge variety of applications. All the little details that make a day on the water fun and entertaining are vitally important, but they are almost innumerable in numbers. We review all our favorite bells and whistles and always keep an eye out for more.